How Can Children Learn To Read?

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Can babies learn to read fluently before they reach school age? This is the question that most new-age parents are wanting the answer to. In today’s society, companies have introduced different means that are said to help children expand their vocabulary, thus enabling them to learn to read and be able to identify words as early as 2 years old. One of these formulas are a series of videos and multimedia toys known as Baby Einstein. Baby Einstein is said to be able to teach children everything they would learn in school via DVDs/videos and toys as infants and toddlers. Whether or not the formula works as advertised is a question on the minds of everyone. Developers feel that it will work while some researchers believe that it will not. Whether or not the sides are right or wrong, depends upon the validation that the research will provide.
Developers feel as if the program should work because you are providing the child
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Developer are more than likely looking at the fact that children are already introduced to television at a very young age and that parents should provided more educational choices for their children. In the article entitled, “Television and DVD/Video Viewing in Children Younger Than 2 Years”, Frederick Zimmerman, Dimitri A. Christakis, and Andrew N. Meltzoff conduct research on determine the television watching habits of children younger than 2 years (2007). To find out this information, they conducted a telephone survey on parents of children born within the last two years, selected at random. Through this research they were able to determine that 40% of children watched television by 3 months old,
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