How Can College Students Overcome Homesickness?

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Your friend has not sounded like herself when you last spoke with her since she has arrived at Howard University a few days ago. You discovered that your friend is terribly homesick. She hasn't made any friends and she is really lonely and depressed. She stays in her dorm day and night. What should you say or do to help your friend? Homesickness is very common among college students especially first-year students. Being homesick happens to every college student at some point in their college experience. Homesickness can ruin a first-year student especially if they are not prepared for all that college offers. College is a new chapter in your life and for many students this is the start of living on your own .Being homesick can effect any of us when we move to new surroundings and experience new situations and people. Psychologists refer to homesickness as “separation anxiety” and it states that few people are immune to this. Feeling homesick or lonely is an emotional and psychological state. For most college students, this feeling only lasts a couple of weeks. However, in most cases it lasts much longer. If you experience being homesick for a long time eventually it will lead to you being very depressed. You will eventually isolate yourself from the outside world and not getting involved . About 35 percent of college students will experience homesickness. There are many ways that you can…
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