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How To Create A Blog 1- Definition of Blog Blog is a truncate version of “weblog” which is used as a term for websites, are maintained by one or more than one individuals to discuss or express new ideas and informational topics. It’s an ongoing activity done by individuals having chain of information and knowledge gathered. The blogs are also used to link the many articles are presented in other websites to discuss or interact, also a blog can be focused on a narrow compass of subjects or broad compass of subjects from personal to politics or to any topic ethically. Information are added into the blogs in consecutive order like the newest one will be on top to see or read. 2- Origin of Blog The complete idea of creating blog came in late 90’s. Before its popularity there were many digital communities in a form, were maintained like Usenet, GEnie, BiX, Compuserve and Email lists. In early 1990’s, a software was create to run the conversations on a forum named as “Thread”. In Threads, several messages are linked with each other on a board related to one topic. The concept got popularity and individuals created thousands of threads to discuss topics related to their general lives as well as wide range of subjects. The current form of blog was begun from online diary. The word “diary” reflects the behind concept that it’s an ongoing activity on a site lead by individuals about their personal lives and other subjects, inviting others to discuss and share more

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