How Can D Bart Improve Its Performance Appraisal Process?

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3. How can D-Bart improve its performance appraisal process? Now that D-Bart has ascertained that its performance appraisal process is no longer effective it must seek to improve this procedure. Without any changes being made to this process, D-Bart will continue to face difficulties in all areas of its human resources management. There are four specific ways by which D-Bart can improve this process: (1) provide better guidance, (2) increase awareness of the benefits of a performance appraisal process, (3) provide recognition and rewards for high performance, and (4) provide clear goals for performance. The first step that D-Bart can take to improve its overall performance appraisal process is to make sure that managers are properly informed as to how to complete this process effectively. A failure to provide proper guidance is one of the biggest reasons many performance appraisal systems fail (Kromrei, 2015; Park, 2014; DelPo, 2007; Armstrong, Appelbaum, & Henches, 2003). D-Bart should evaluate its current process and seek to implement procedures which will allow managers to be more informed about this process. Some ways in which D-Bart could seek to improve this process is by creating a handbook which management can reference when completing the process, requiring every individual in a management position to undergo a training course, and specifying a designated individual to which all questions about the process can be directed. All of these will help managers feel more

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