How Can Education Be A Solution For Increase Cultural Competency?

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How can education be a solution to increase cultural competency? It is beneficial to establish cultural competency skills in students to prepare them for future work in the health sector especially as there continues to be growth in the minority population. Cultural competencies must be meaningfully incorporated into the curriculum to show student for how important it is for their community to be able to help people of different ethnic backgrounds (Knox and Haupt, 2015). Cultural competency can be incorporated into education by having students learn through definitions, discussions, and training modules. Students in a dynamic process incorporate experiences such as internships, study abroad, and experiential learning to get a true…show more content…
A diverse student base helps other students understand the importance of cultural competency when working on the various activities. Education teaches students to learn to recognize and acknowledge health disparities and how to use the appropriate communication and negotiation skills across a culturally and linguistically diverse patient population (Maldonado, Fried, DuBose, Nelson, and Brieda, 2014). Education cuts down on the need to train all new staff right out of medical school to go through diversity-related training because they are already prepared.
Shared or patient-centered decision-making, the process by which a health care provider communicates to the patient personalized information about options, outcomes, probabilities, and uncertainties of available options while the patient communicates any questions or concerns they have (Dy and Purnell, 2012). The provider needs to show trustworthiness towards their patient in order to make correct decisions together for the patient. To be trustworthy, it is influenced by the length of nature of provider-patient relationships, continuity of care, patient perceptions, and expectations, and satisfaction (Dy and Purnell, 2012). Competent decision-making by the providers requires patient-specific information and the health provider 's prior medical knowledge and clinical. It is vital for health
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