How Can Effective Collaboration Improve The Performance Of A Team?

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Some information systems are purely designed to improve team collaboration. How can effective collaboration improve the result and performance of a team?
incredibly got the response by air travellers and now star alliance group is a joint venture of more than 150 airlines (Westlund, 2012) There are other factors to improve the productions of firm’s output are client hardware and server hardware. Client hardware are those which compete the Team Collaboration is working together with good understanding in the workers to achieve the goal of any company. Good understanding of colleagues and express them own ideas is a better way to making a forum better and it also makes easy to focus on the target. Moreover, collaboration is the condition when two or more people or firms work together to achieve the goal. According to parker, G. (2008) collaboration is way that a team go through by the steps like working in a group, asking the questions to each other, focus on a goal and achieving the goal. Team collaboration is not a new idea, even it has being used from long times. The main buildings of old times are good example of team collaboration. By the changing of time the new innovations have invented and team collaborations is totally changed in now days. The new online tools are invented which are more focused on collaboration and helpful to improve the quality and quantity of a firm’s output. In the modern era, there are many system in use by the companies which needs team…
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