How Can Globalisation Be Defined?

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How can globalisation be defined? Defining the word “globalisation” can be an arduous task taking into account that is a word used by many people. Objectively, it can be described as the increasing interdepence and communication between the different countries all around the world that affects both the economy, the society, politics and technology among many others. Globalisation usually takes place in capitalist countries. At the begining, this phenomenon was considered only in the field of economics but currently it involves much more. Since this process started it has had different consequences and people have come out for and against globalisation. The consequences can be divided into positive and negative within these into economics and socio-cultural divisions. It is certain that globalisation must provide the society with more benefits than drawbacks.

On the one hand, as mentioned before we can observe that there are positive consequences for the worldwide economy. The countries that are part of the globalised world gain many advantages, such as the absence of economic barriers. Since the lack of barriers between countries the markets all over the world have increased in terms of goods and services. In other words, capital movements are set on a global scale in which multinationals play a crucial role. Multinational corporations are those which not only act in their home country, but also in others called host countries. Some examples are Coca-Cola, McDonald´s or…
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