How Can He Be So Lazy?

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When we all go out into the world and we look around at everyone, our friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, bosses, and even strangers what do we see? We tend to go and make assumptions or even categorize the people we talk to with simple types such as: “He is probably a nice guy.”, “She seems to be very serious.”, or “How can he be so lazy?”. But when we do those types of things such as categorizing or even placing people in a certain type of thought to ourselves is actually very practical and realistic. Everyone has a different type of feel to them, a type of trait or uniqueness to them, and say if we were to go and take that idea and delve into it a little deeper and try to figure out how some people are similar or even different, and take what makes them them and then use the information gained for practical purposes.Though there are many different types of people in the world, if we are able to learn how they will act towards certain topics then we will be able to perhaps even negotiate between diplomatic ties or even conduct a successful business merge and will create a way to a better future. With the new found information the we could gain from the research and studies that we could do in the future then take that information the we have gained and bring it together with past logs of former researchers and scientist to confirm whether or not we could truly be able to use this understanding for the better. Just imagine a time when we could simply take a moment to…
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