How Can I Be Better Than Others?

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How to succeed at school?

How can I be better than others? I was asking myself when I was at school. I did my high school in my country, Cameroon.It is one of the best school of my city. At the beginning, it was very difficult for me, my grades were bad and I thought I was not going to succeed.My parents used to beat me because of bad grades.My mother , who was a teacher , played an important role in that step of my studies. She talked to me a lot and gave me advices. I finally found that without organization, participation and a routine, you cannot succeed at school.

The first step of success is organization.Organization is a very important part of the process leading to success. Therefore, without it you cannot achieve anything. You have to organize your life. By organizing your life it means that you know what you want, you do not get distracted, you have good relations with everybody. This part is very important in the organization step because if you do not have an organize and stable life, it will affect your education. For example, I have a friend who failed his exam because of the problems he had with his girlfriend. After that failure, he decided to forget all and focus on his studies. He got better and passed his exam. The second part of the organization step is the planning. To succeed, you have to have a good use of your time, make sure you do everything you have to do and do not forget anything. For that, you have
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