How Can I Buy You? Essay

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Introduction How many times do you drive your car, and just when you are about to approach the intersection or the stop sign, you begin to notice a pair of eyes staring at you? You realize these are not just eyes, but these eyes are to a person who is down on his luck. You cannot begin to understand what tragedy has fallen on this unfortunate soul, but you can see a glimpse of sadness through their eyes. Physically, this person barely has a shoe on, clothes are ripped, smells of sweat and blood, seems like they have not taken a shower in months and yet it is not the physical appearance that catches your attention. Rather, it is the heavy burden that seems like a boulder which is weighing down those sad and dim eyes. What do you do? Do you get out and ask the person, what can I do for you today? Can I buy you lunch? Or better yet, can I buy you some clothes? Now, if you have a sense of decency, you would try to reach in your pocket or your compartment filled with change in the car and take a handful and give it to the person waiting on the side of the street. Or, do you pretend to not even see them? Thinking if you ignore what is in front of you, then those people and their problems would cease to exist. Imagine looking into those eyes and being able to come up with any possible reason to avoid helping this person. What could be a possible reason for you to not want to help? Is life hard for you? Are your bills too high or are you going through a time in your
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