How Can I Live?

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(left align) Savannah Siebenhaar 24 October 2014 Health 110-95/I96 Video Assignment (center) "How to Live to Be 100" (Double Spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman) In today 's world, everyone seems to be asking the same question: "How can I live longer?" In a video entitled "How to Live to Be 100," Dan Buettner gives a presentation that attempts to answer this question. In the presentation, he explains a few myths about longevity before discussing three "Blue Zones" that exist in the world, where living to be over one hundred years old is most common. This information was gathered through research by National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging in which they discovered many facts about aging and longevity that many people never knew to be true. As Buettner says, "Our approach to finding longevity find the four demographically confirmed areas that are geographically defined and then bring a team of experts in there to methodically go through exactly what these people do to distill down the cross-cultural distillation." Before discussing the "Blue Zones," Buettner explains a couple of myths that many people in America believe about trying to live longer. The first myth that he mentions is that if you try as hard as you can, you will live to be one hundred. According to Buettner, "The problem is that only about one out of five thousand people in America live to be one hundred." He then goes on to explain that
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