How Can Kill Shoot A Bb Gun Off Of The Back Porch

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with one hand and the one to teach Sydney how to shoot a bb gun off of the back porch. Even now that the his grandchildren are older he still has weekly phone calls with Haley and has dinner with Lisa and Sydney at least once a week. Rudy also tries to keep the rest of the family connected in any way he can. When Linda was alive and all of the grandkids still lived at home they would have biweekly family game nights. Kent, Jenni, Jordan and Danny, Lisa, Sydney, and Haley would all meet up at Rudy and Linda’s house to eat dinner and play games. Rudy would spend the whole day cooking, being sure to make all of the favorites, while Linda cleaned the house. Everyone would bring their favorite game and the group voted on what to play that night. Rudy was never a fan of playing the games but he loved cooking and watching his family spend time together laughing and having fun. After Linda died Sydney and Haley went off to college and Jordan got married and moved into her own house with her new husband. All of these things coupled with the fact that Rudy did not like playing games made having family game night harder. Losing his wife made Rudy all the more sure that family was the most important thing in his life and was determined to still spend time with his grandchildren. The first year or two was a little shaking but he finally turned family game night into family dinners. Whenever Sydney and Haley had a break from school he would be sure to invite everyone over for dinner and

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