How Can Lightweight Football Pads? Equipped With Equal Protection?

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Football Shoulder Pads
I. Statement of Problem
Research Question
How can lightweight football pads, equipped with equal protection, benefit an athlete as compared to the use of standard weighted shoulder pads?
This topic is significant to me because I play Football. When I play, I feel as if the shoulder pads are weighing me down. I would like to have lighter pads so that I can be faster or quicker. I believe that other players, especially professional athletes, will be grateful to have lighter pads. This could also have benefits in the medical field because lighter pads mean less strain on the body, so athletes will not be as sore or in pain.
Research Classification
This research project is basic because the researcher is only gathering information on the subject. The information gathered is not being applied to any product at the moment.
This research project is, for the most part, qualitative because it deals with the quality of the shoulder pads. It focuses on the benefits of improving shoulders pads and the quality of protection they provide.

II. Literature Review
Football shoulder pads can become cumbersome, especially since the athlete is always running and jumping with them on. It is essentially weighing the individual down. Lighter shoulder pads can fix this problem because the athlete will be carrying less weight, thereby allowing the athlete to be faster. Some shoulder pads have, not only less weight but also the same if not better…
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