How Can Love Saves One From Death?

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Throughout Plato’s Symposium love exists as a drug that never fully satisfies neither the lover nor the beloved. The pursuit of love requires tricking the mind and soul into believing that happiness will be permanent once it has been achieved when in fact it never truly can be. It creates a frustration that in turn drives the lover to love and the beloved to learn from the lover. Thus, the truest, perhaps most immortal love can be achieved only through the love of wisdom and virtue instead of happiness. The idea that loving only one person almost never results complete spiritual satisfaction can be understood by considering the dire implications that would result in the case of a love that has been satisfied as well as considering how love saves one from death. Aristophanes speech, although seemingly frivolous and simple, directly questions the purpose of such a love. When the two halves of a human being are combined and completely content, they are “strong and powerful,” but “…[also] terrible” (Plato 26). The intoxication of these beings caused by the power of their love and feelings of invincibility fuels their decision to take down the very gods that created them. Since their happiness is served to them on a silver platter, they do not strive to live or to be better because no matter what “they [will] be one and not two [even] in Hades” (28). As such, if humans were born with everything they would normally strive to achieve wrapped up in a bundle tied to their back and

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