How Can Man Be Right With God?

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Today we are going to be looking at one of the most important question in the world. That question is how can man be right with God? It is the question everyone asks when ty begin to learn about God. A Catholic person would ask it this way: “How can a man be right with God?” Somewhere in the world right now there is a man who is making offering on an alter and mostly likely that offering is his son. That person is trying to please his angry god that he believes is angry at him. Somewhere else in the world there is someone that believes that he can keep cutting himself to please his god and to seek approval from him. You got Muslims that pray toward Mecca every morning and are following allah there god. You may be answering yourself why are they doing this to themselves? Why will someone willing to cut themselves like crazy to please and seek approval from them god? The answering is always the same with these types of questions. Men and Women really want to do right in their Gods eyes. There do not want to do wrong in their Gods eyes because they want to please him and to win the flavor of them over. We all want to stand before God someday and hear Him say to us: Will done good and faithful servant. Everyone is try to hear from God that they were righteous in His eyes from praying the rosary to offering sacrifices on a alter, from going to church every week to saying the Lord’s praying every week to save them. We do these things because we believe that they can make us
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