How Can Manage, Cope And Deal With Depression

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How to Manage, Cope and Deal With Depression
By Barrie Strong | Submitted On July 08, 2013

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Expert Author Barrie Strong
Depression has become endemic to our ever increasingly stressful and busy lives. With the worldwide economy in turmoil, increasing pressure on natural resources, rising unemployment and a predominating cultural mindset of material wealth as a sign-post of prosperity and happiness it is little wonder that stress, anxiety and depression are more evident than ever before.

It seems our expectations are determined by the bombardment of the media to have more of this or a new version of that. Computer technology renders models and versions obsolete in just a matter of months so pressure is brought to bear to purchase an upgrade. Work is increasingly infiltrated by job protectionism longer and longer hours just to try to avoid the dreaded pay-off. We are constantly in competition even if we consciously try to avoid it. Children make more and more demands on the pockets of their parents, costs are rising exponentially beyond remuneration levels and we seem to be swirling in a maelstrom of pressures on our time.

I remember Sundays as a
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