How Can Managers at Bmw Group Achieve Workforce Diversity in Their Organisation Using the Managerial Tools Available in the Planning and Controlling Functions?

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Introduction to Management
Assignment 2

How can managers at BMW Group achieve workforce diversity in their organisation using the managerial tools available in the planning and controlling functions?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii Executive Summary iii Introduction 1
Aim 1
Scope 1
Methodology 1
Assumptions 1
Limitations 1
Background 1
Plan 2 Discussion 3
The Importance of Workforce Diversity Within the BMW Group 3
Planning 3
Values handbook 4
0.1.1 Definition 4
0.1.2 Uses of values based management 4
0.1.3 Application The BMW Group 4
Goal Setting 5
0.1.4 Definition 5
0.1.5 The value of setting goals 5
0.1.6 Application to the BMW group 6
Formulation of Plans 6
0.1.7 Strategic plans
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While organising and leadership play an imperative role in achieving workforce diversity, these functions were not included.

The BMW group is an automotive sales/service company. It employs around one hundred customer service staff the majority of whom are middle aged Caucasian males. The group has a goal of obtaining 211,000 finance contracts by 2010 and offering a world renowned customer service experience. After a noticeable recent decline in new finance contracts and a vast increase in customer complaints the Group has identified the lack of Workforce Diversity as a major problem and has seen the importance of a highly diverse workforce in achieving company goals.

This report will first provide a background of the importance of workforce diversity within the groups organisation prior to discussing the managerial functions of planning and controlling. Important functions regarding these two topics will be explained and their application to the group will be analysed and evaluated resulting in appropriate recommendations to management to achieve workforce diversity through planning and controlling.


The Importance of Workforce Diversity Within the BMW Group

In January 2008 The BMW group initiated a survey which was distributed to all customers over a period of 3 months soliciting their response to specific questions in regards to sales and servicing. The survey
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