How Can Middle And High Schools Prevent Teen Dating Violence?

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How can middle and high schools prevent teen dating violence? It seems that nowadays relationships are not ending up like Cinderella or Snow White where they ending up living “happily ever after”. In reality, dating violence has increased by 40 percent since 1998, stated by the National Conference of State Legislatures, a nationally respected bipartisan organization. Dating violence includes verbal and physical abuse and tends to impact those between 12 and 21 years old. Since “one in four teens reports verbal, physical, or sexual abuse in their dating relationship”, it is obvious that this is becoming a widespread national issue (NCSL 2). Middle and high school students are naive to know that abuse is not a form of love. Since dating…show more content…
This source led to think of the root of the situation. Where did this violent behavior in the relationship come from? Although it was a great article to start off with it didn’t answer the lingering question that I had. Because I couldn’t find all the information that I was looking for in this article I looked until I stumbled upon a source that not only answered my question but also went into detail about how this behavior correlates to the factor causing this aggressive behavior. The article, "Youth Experiences Of Family Violence and Teen Dating Violence Perpetration: Cognitive and Emotional Mediators.", by psychologist Ernest Jouriles Ph.D., claims that “ violence in teen dating relationships is common and potentially serious, and past exposure to family violence is a consistent and powerful predictor of such violence” (jouriles 3).To support her evidence Jouriles conducted a research which reiterated her claim showing that “exposure to family violence increases risk for teen dating violence by influencing cognitive and emotional processes that, in turn, increase the likelihood of teen dating violence” (jouriles 2). The author concludes, “ research evaluating and extending holds promise for expanding our logic of teen dating violence and helping to prevent it” (Jouriles 3). In the next article,
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