How Can New Media Help Enhance the Spread of Local Pop Culture?

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New media is more advanced in function nowadays, attracting numerous people to be involved and engaged in the cyberspace. New media is preferred over the traditional one, especially for the internet, which has became the main platform for the delivery of pop culture. According to Osborn (2006), 3.4 million of 8.1 million Austria population and 24 million of 58.8 million United Kingdom population were Internet users, showing that around 40% of citizens are able to be accessed or associated with the Internet. It is appreciated that new media associated with a large number of population do favor the spread of local pop culture. Although traditional media should not be claimed to be replaced by new media as it acts as an assistance and works…show more content…
According to the statistics given by the Youtube official, it was investigated that Youtube has attracted more than 1 billion users monthly and received over 6 billion hours video views monthly, alongside with 100 hours of video uploaded per minute. As Youtube is localized in 61 countries, it is not hard to see the vast network and linkage between netizens. Since Youtube is a huge platform for delivering original materials, pop culture like local musics can easily be delivered to different places. Some countries adopt the outbound pop cultures and adapt it to their own culture simultaneously (Danes, 2012). Besides, unlike the traditional media, new media is able to spread pop culture in anytime and anywhere, regardless of the limitation of time and space. New media is able to reach a vast of population and make the acquisition of pop culture easier. New media is a advanced platform that allow a large amount of information associated with one or more population.(Baumeister, Zhang, & Vohs, 2004; Mesoudi, Whiten, & Dunbar, 2012). More people can be connected by the new media to pop culture owing to the rapid development of social networking websites. According to a study conducted by the conScore (2013), found that over 80% of the Internet

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