How Can Our Environment Be Harmful? Essay

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HOW CAN OUR ENVIRONMENT BE HARMFUL? An environment is everything that makes up our surrounding, this can be living or non-living things, for example; the air we breathe, the sea, the plants and animals etc. What Impact Does the Environment Have On Us? Seeing that in the beginning, human beings need to be responsive to their environment to survive, this means that we have an essential awareness of our surrounding and look out for surroundings with some types of qualities (Contributor and Kreitzer, 2013). First, human beings have a substantial need for security and safety and we look for these attributes in our environment. We also seek physical comfort for example a surrounding with the correct temperature, plus we look for an environment that is comfortable psychologically; such as familiar spaces with the correct quantity of stimulus (Contributor and Kreitzer, 2013). Beneath are examples of the impact our environment has on us; Our environment can convince how people behave and their motivation to perform (Contributor and Kreitzer, 2013). Like a storage room packed with cleaning tools will lead workers to place the items anywhere but a neatly organised one will urge the workers to put them away in the right place. An environment may discourage communication among people (Contributor and Kreitzer, 2013). An environment also influences peoples’ mood i.e., the aftermath of various analysis show that spaces that have natural or manmade lights that are bright, enhances

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