How Can Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking?

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Ngoc Lac (Ruby) Professor Karen Ozbek English 113 07 March 2016 How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking People give a speech every day for different occasions such as for work, for school or a social event. When it comes to speaking in the public, people tend to strongly dislike it, and they let their fear get the best of them. In a familiar environment, people feel more ease and relax so they can present better. However, when the surrounding change, their confidence level drops. They get nervous and all of the sudden they forget everything they need to present. Gathering the information about the topic, practicing in front of mirror and friends, mapping out some main ideas on a piece of paper will help to reduce the chances of fear. First of all, to overcoming the fear of public speaking, is to prepare. Know your topic and research about it. Get more information about the topic and make sure to understand it thoroughly. There are many different sources that you can get information such as websites, online news or books from the library. After reading the material, get a piece of paper and try to write down everything you have research into that paper by your own word. Carefully organized the information that you will present includes video, audio, data. The more organized you are, the less worry you will be. By being organized, it will help summarize your major point. Also, you will open your brain to more concepts of the subjects matter and familiarize yourself
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