How Can Religion Be Taught In Public Schools

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Rough draft Being religious is a choice; it’s called a life style. In a way being religious is also having freedom. You should have the freedom of worshiping whoever you want and however you want without being teased. Teaching religion in public schools decreases teasing and increases students’ knowledge, however it could anger some parents. Teaching religion in public schools will help prevent bullying because students will be aware of different cultures and religions. Because bullying comes in many forms, Croucher says, “Religious bullying involves repeated acts of aggression in which the power of institutional religion is used in unethical way to achieve fundamental non-religious ends” (para 2.).Students may bully other students because they are not aware of religious circumstances. In spite of the systemic abuse of bullying; micro-aggression is also a type of bullying. Micro-aggression is a nonverbal/verbal, unintended bullying. “More often however acts of micro-aggression are subtle insult toward people of…show more content…
When it comes to religion, parents interfere with school activities. “More than 2000 parents complain that alternative theories to evolutions were not being presented in public schools science” (“fighting over Darwin, state by state”). Parents complain to schools when their kids get school academic with religion. For this reasons, religion was burnt out of public school. Because parents complain, religion is no longer a lesson in public school. In “January 2005 a federal judge ruled that the stickers were unconstitutional because they had the effect of endorsing religious viewpoints” (“fighting over Darwin, state by state”).if parents complain, then schools have no control. Despite of the parent’s situation, religion should be allowed in public
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