How Can Remedy Of Eco Labeled Products So That They Match Consumers? Essay

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In this section, I will explain how we can remedy each of the causes in the previous section in order to close the “green gap”. By finding possible solutions to these causes I will discuss possible ways to increase purchases of eco-labeled products so that they match consumers’ survey results and intent.
A commonly discussed solution would be to internalize the price of environmental degradation into the price of all goods, so they are priced accurately. This would eliminate economic negative externalities. This would increase the price of all goods, but it would increase the price of non-green products much more than eco-labeled products, thus making eco-friendly products the less expensive product. Given that this paper is from the perspective of an individual marketer who would not have the power to make this wide-sweeping change, we are focusing on solutions to can be practically implemented by marketers.
We can begin to close the gap by educating consumers about the benefits of eco-labeled goods. According the Ogilvy Earth, the marketing research firm, “We need to simplify mental accounting and translate the murky benefits of sustainability into something immediate and concrete” (Bennett and Williams 87). Many people don’t see the effect these products have on the environment because the effect is so far removed from their immediate lives. Right now the effects of eco-friendly products are a far-off concept that don’t hit close to home for consumers. Pope Francis

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