How Can Resourcing and Development Add Value to the Modern Workplace?

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Employee resourcing and Development: "How can resourcing and Development add value to the modern workplace?"
Explanation of 'Resourcing' and 'Development'
Organizations have the ability to resource both real and virtual aspects towards the management and improvement of the performance of its employees and different departments. It is ideal to focus on the method of resourcing or conceiving and constructing available resources for the achievement of goals and objectives. Resourcing refers to the process by which organizations focus on enhancing the identity of the resources thus making them matter in the context of achieving valuable goals and objectives (Raiden et al, 2008). Resourcing focuses on the ability of the organization to adopt and implement resources towards the achievement of competitive advantage within the market or industry of operation. This is through exercising power, influence, and solidarity and inclusiveness among inter-organizational exchanges overtime.
An organization can adopt and implement the concept of resourcing through various aspects. Some of the examples of resourcing include induction, recruitment, selection, performance management, and absence management. The main objective of resourcing within an organization is to enhance the performance of the resources, especially human resources, for the purposes of increasing the level of production thus achievement of competitive advantage (Dainty et al, 2009). These aspects of resourcing ensure
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