How Can Save Money If You Are College?

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We all know that now a days going to college can be vey expensive here are few tips on how to save money if you are college student. Textbooks can be expensive, a way to help with textbooks is to buy them used or to share them with a friend and then sell the books back. Some websites that help with if you need a certain book can range anywhere from or which gives you the option of renting it if you know that you won’t need the textbook for long time is great option. Also the university library may have the textbook and you can always borrow it or take picture of what you need but if you find this tedious a great thing to do is find the textbook as a PDF from someone in your class, many times you will find that there are advertisements everywhere including in the bathroom stales of people trying to sell their old textbooks. Social media is great way to connect with people as well for my University we have a Facebook group that anyone can join to buy used textbooks and get tips in a class, we pass down old lecture notes to one each other as well as old versions of exams to study and see what to expect.
I know we are college students and we can be very lazy so we may think that having a car is the way to go but then you have to pay for gas, insurance, and a parking permit of course for school, you can also find parking off campus but that ,might be hard because a lot of students might be doing that as well. So always think of an alternative transportation…
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