How Can Save Money If You Are College?

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We all know that now a days going to college can be vey expensive here are few tips on how to save money if you are college student. Textbooks can be expensive, a way to help with textbooks is to buy them used or to share them with a friend and then sell the books back. Some websites that help with if you need a certain book can range anywhere from or which gives you the option of renting it if you know that you won’t need the textbook for long time is great option. Also the university library may have the textbook and you can always borrow it or take picture of what you need but if you find this tedious a great thing to do is find the textbook as a PDF from someone in your class, many times you will find that there…show more content…
If you are living on campus and looking into meal plans to choose and I cannot stress this enough a meal plan carefully based on how much you eat and how often, don’t just pick the highest meal plan because you think you will use it. It’s all you can eat at the dining hall so you might get that freshman fifteen, which is something you really don’t want. If you are buying your own food whether you are living on or off campus when you go grocery shopping never go on an empty stomach because you will end up buying a lot of food you don’t need avoid the impulse this goes for grocery stores and just about anything you decide to by, a way to avoid this is by having a detailed grocery list of what you need. Want to get your penny’s worth then buy in bulk you can freeze things like chicken, hamburgers for a long time that way you will always have something easy to just pull out of the freezer in the morning and let thaw before dinner. But if you don’t know anyone with a Costco or Sam’s club card then couponing is a way to find great deals and pay less, if you’re really good at then you might pay under 20$ for everything you need. I love cheese and if you every go to a grocery store its more expensive to buy shredded cheese so just shred your own cheese, a friendly tip I learned from mom was that when eggs go on sale buy them in bulk because you can freeze them. Also if you’re like me
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