How Can Save Your Life With Stress Relief?

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How To Save Your Life With Stress Relief
By Matthias K. Maas | Submitted On September 16, 2014

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Expert Author Matthias K. Maas
How often do you feel on the edge? Frustrated... anxious... tense... angry...

Whether it 's from arguing with your teenager or getting stuck in traffic, stress is an inevitable part of life. With so much on our schedules and so little time to get things done, we feel stretched to our limit. And few of us have the opportunity to relax and recoup after we 've gone through one of these stressful events.

In fact, more often than not, stress sticks with us, seeping into every waking minute of our days. It even lingers with us when we toss and turn, trying to sleep.

But while we 're familiar with stress, we may not know the harm it 's doing to our health. As research suggests, this modern day problem could be the health threat of our times.

Stress Hurts Your Health

Chronic stress isn 't just a headache or an annoyance. It 's a physical change in your body. And some of these changes over time can be life-threatening...

· The World Health Organization has called stress "the epidemic of the 21st century"; and

· The American…
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