How Can Space Help Us On Earth Now?

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Why do we need to explore outer space? This question has plagued many passed generations, and is still on our minds every day. The vast blackness has many resources that are yet to be discovered. Funding space exploration could help answer the big questions in life. Why are we here? How did Earth become habitable? Can we live on other planets? Experiments in space could make living conditions easier, bring extra resources to Earth, creates jobs, and the best part is that it really isn’t that expensive for taxpayers. How can exploring space help us on Earth now? There is a branch of NASA called the Biospheric Science Branch, and they aim to understand the ecosystems processes, and how the ecosystem is changing in response to climate change (Brass). Using a system called the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS), NASA has been able to forecast the weather up to 12-16 months in advance. There are Global Circulation Models (GCMs) that could soon be used to predict things like solar radiation, precipitation, and air temperature in many areas of the world (Ramakrishna). Humans can benefit greatly from being able to have a clearer understanding of how and why the weather is changing. It is very convenient to be able to know the exact weather as soon as possible, so people can schedule their days accordingly. NASA is not simply only for exploring the great void; their research benefits us right here on the Earth, for example, scientists from NASA wanted
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