How Can Spreadsheets Be Used? Solve Complex Problems?

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How can spreadsheets be used to solve complex problems? Why are spreadsheets important? Spreadsheets are important as they are able to hold and use complex problem solving, they are also a powerful tool that any size businesses may use to store valuable information. However spreadsheets are also compatible to other programs such as PowerPoint and even word. This could be the reason that so many people use spreadsheets on a daily basis. The many uses of spreadsheets: There are many people that will use spreadsheets from accountants to school children, also sales people will as they are then easily able to keep an eye on their profits/commission. The main reason accountants use spreadsheets is due to the fact they need are required to…show more content…
You can also format dates and numbers by making sure that the dates and numbers are formatted in the in order for the correct display, this also goes to when you are doing currency and percentages. Graphs & Charts; You can also insert graphs and charts because in excel you are able to use chart wizard as it helps you make charts and graphs a lot easier as you put in your own information and the pick how you want it to look at the end. You also need to make sure is what you have done is relevant for your audience so if you have used pie charts, line charts, bar graphs are they going to be relevant for your audience when you are presenting your information in the long/short term. You could also use IF Statements to show profits or losses in businesses. Here is a example of a bar chart a pizza store could make in an even based upon the toppings there customers order. Print Area You are able to set a set print area in order to prevent printing an entire spread sheet often spread sheets will be many hundreds of lines long and this would waste a business’s resources if you only need to print a small section as you can see you are able to selected in this case I selected the first three records. Pagination you are able to add or remove headers or footers. In order to do this you need to go into the design view and then to page layout at the top
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