How Can Stories Operate Within Open World Environments Essay

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How can stories operate in open world environments? Explain how such activity differs from either reading or writing a novel. GIVE TWO EXAMPLES Open world environments allow players to engage in stories through infinite opportunities made possible by their multi-linear structure, creating free exploration and a rich array of varying (repetitive descriptions of “a lot”) activities. As opposed to the traditional novel, open world environments do not force players down a set story path. Open world, or free roam, is video game terminology meaning a player has the ability to operate freely within a virtual world. They contrast level-by-level games in that, at any given point, a player may choose to diverge from the storyline and embark on a journey of their own. Regardless of being nonlinear, open world environments offer a narrative by incorporating an ultimate goal into the plot. Though narratives are often straightforward in traditional forms of media, such as novels, they can be more difficult to discern in games – especially those that are free roam. Narratives may defined as an “extended story with a beginning, a plot of some kind, and an ending” (Band 14). Following this model, a vast amount of modern games follow a narrative; despite the evolution of games from being level-based to multi-linear, those in the arts and the gaming industry seldom overlap. Alderman expresses frustration towards literature-oriented professionals’ lack of acknowledgement of this as she has
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