How Can Storytelling Improve Communication Skills in a 4 Yr Old

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CHAPTER ONE Introduction This research was carried out in an Early Childhood Care and Education Centre located in an urban community. It is based on a four year old child whose name is Sarah Lall (not real name). She is very loving and helpful but interaction with her peers is limited since she does not speak in clear sentences. Her words do not take the form of complete sentences and sometimes puzzles the teachers and her peers as to what she is trying to say. Based on face to face interviews with her mother it was clear that she is not given much opportunity to communicate at home which as a result her vocabulary is limited. Many young children lack vital experiences in background knowledge that develop vocabulary and other…show more content…
2. How can storytelling improve social interaction in four year olds? Summary In summary this chapter dealt with the background of the child and the purpose of the study. It gave a description of various strategies used through storytelling to improve the communication skills in a four year old child. In chapter two the researcher will explore the literature that surrounds the research study based on the effects of storytelling to improve communication skills in four year olds. CHAPTER TWO Literature Review The purpose of this study is to investigate the extent to which storytelling can improve the communication skills of a four year old child in an early childhood centre. Critical to this examination there would be two main factors contributing to the research. These are storytelling to improve communication skills and developing communication skills. It would demonstrate a clearer understand of the value of intervention at an early age and the effect it has on the child reaching his/her fullest potential. Nelson (2003) explains: “Infants and toddlers use story to explain and create meaning because that’s what parents and their culture do. Storytelling impacts the development of communication skills that are critical to a child’s success at school. It encourages children to listen actively and analytically, improves verbal skills, increases the child’s taught and boosts their understanding skills.

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