How Can Survive On An Abandon Island?

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Andrew Ringate Ms. Butkowski English 11A 10 February 2015 How to survive on an abandon island Boom! You wake up on on a beach, sand blowing in your face, the ruffling of the trees in the background, but you soon realize you 're all alone, scared, frightened you don 't know what to do. You try to go back asleep, but you can 't the adrenaline of you just spraining your ankle from the night before is running through your body, you begin to sweat and become thirsty what do you do? There are many things that could happen in your dreams, but what if this happened in real life? What if you were stuck on an island by yourself with no one to help, how would you survive, would you? Water, its the most important thing in life, you need it for everything. After all, Earth is covered with water, but 97.5% of it is saltwater, and the remaining 2.5% is fresh water (Holbrook). According to "How Long Can You Live Without Water?," the human body is made of 65% water, which means humans are especially vulnerable to dehydration, so if the conditions at room temperature were right with no food, it is very possible you could last as long as 12 days in the the right conditions, although a more likely estimate would be around 3-5 days without water (“How Long”). So if you were stranded on an island your number one priority would be to locate water, but what do you do if you can 't locate a freshwater lake or pond? There are many different techniques you can do to get water, the first way is just
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