How Can Sustainable Agriculture Be Better For Americans Vs. Industrial Agriculture?

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Lisandra de Oliveira Torres
AP Seminar
Ms. Glennie/ Mr. Fellowes
19 November 2015

How can sustainable agriculture be better for Americans compared to industrial agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is the idea to agriculture that prioritize in fabricating food in a manner that does not demean nature and does not threaten human or animal 's health. Sustainable agriculture provides high quality produce without diminishing resources and natural systems that productivity rely on. A study by the University of Michigan, compared data from one hundred studies of sustainable and conventional agriculture, concluded that a universal transformation to sustainable agriculture could in fact expand international food production to approximately fifty percent. This is enough to feed a population of nine billion people without any additional land (U.S. Working Group on the Food Crisis) Sustainable agriculture methods can consist of crop rotation, soil enrichment and pest predators from nature (Union of Concerned Scientists) Crop rotation is considered a potent method of sustainable agriculture is the idea of growing varied crops in the same field. Crop rotation avoids the outcome of putting the same plants in the same soil every year. This is an effective solution to pest issues because many pests have a predilection for specific crops (Union of Concerned Scientists) This indicates that constant growth of the same crop assures the pests a dependable food supply. Crop rotation also…
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