How Can Teachers Use Newsletters Encourage Parental Involvement?

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Q1 – How can teachers use newsletters to encourage parental involvement? By offering a variety of options for parental involvement (NQS PLP, 2012), teachers provide parents with freedom of choice. By informing parents of the ways in which they may be able to assist (Fellowes, 2010), paired with flexible commitment offers, teachers are setting a comfortable and casual scene for parents to become involved in their child’s learning. As Fellowes (2010) suggests, it is important for teachers to share their knowledge and experience with parents. By providing some insight into the daily teaching methods, teachers are using newsletters to invite parents into the classroom. Equipping parents with the information they require to deepen their knowledge and assist in making them feel confident in their involvement. The combination of teaching strategies and resources (Fellowes, 2010) for home use provided in the newsletter equip parents with a sound knowledge base, empowering them to become involved. Q2 – What kind of language style did you use to make families feel welcome? Plain, polite language paired with clear, straightforward information presented in a simple format is used to set a warm and welcoming scene. (Anne Arundel Country Public School, n.d.). Bullet points are used to keep content direct and “to the point” where possible, assisting families in gathering important information in a concise manner. Presenting an active voice through the use of active verbs
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