How Can Technology Be Taught In School Essay

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In today’s age, most students can operate any piece of technology. Many schools do not allow students to use technology to the best of their advantage while utilizing their resources to make their own lives easier when writing an essay, or using the internet to research certain subjects for a class. Technology has become more advanced in recent years and computer companies have started focusing on the aspect of technological teaching. For most schools teachers hate using technology to teach their classes and many people can learn better from technology and certain programs they can use in order to learn certain things as in using a program to dissect a frog or any animal they need to know the anatomy of. Other ways of using a computer program or technology to learn is by using google classroom like most students in school are but it doesn’t help as much as teachers think. Technology in…show more content…
Old school teachers think that technology could be used but it’s really useless in classes and newer teachers like using technology more than others because it helps them connect with their students and make them truly participate.

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