How Can We Best Define Crime?

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How can we best define crime? Discuss. What is Crime? Many People may have different definitions about crime. Some might say crime is an act of offense/breaking the law and is punishable by conviction. Others might argue that crime is an act whereby offenders `might cause harm to the society and should be punished for their actions. Crime has been a great concern to the society as a whole. Sometimes offenders commit crimes intentionally to hurt someone they don’t like or just to cause harm to their fellow human beings. Some people might argue that, some crimes might refer to certain acts. Some People argue that ‘’criminal behaviour in violation of the criminal law is not a crime unless its prohibited by the criminal Law’’ (Sutherland & Cressey (1924/1970 in John Muncie pp4).The criminal Law is a set of specific rules that regard human behaviour which has been publicized by the political power, which applies equally to all the members of the population. No matter how moral, dangerous or damaging it is to the society it is not a crime unless the authorities, the government have made it a law. This is quite dangerous because offenders might commit crimes which are not likely to break the law and might not be classified as crime. This article by Taipan argues that ‘’only those who are criminals have been adjudicated as such by the courts’’ (Tappan, 1947, in John Muncie p.100).Some circumstances must be meet an act before it can be classified as crime these are • The offender
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