How Can We Improve Protection Gear Especially For A Sport?

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In the beginning, God created man, woman, and football. Well, that may not be quite how it goes, but being from the south, one may tend to think so. Football is one of America 's favorite pastimes and has been for quite a while now. It usually consumes the weekends with high school football on Friday nights, college football on Saturdays, and finishing the weekend with the NFL on Sundays. Football may seem to be all fun and games but there have been some recent arguments on the safety of the players. Researchers are digging into what may lead to the biggest controversy of the century. Are the helmets that the players use sufficient enough to protect from brain damage or should further testing be done to provide the maximum amount of protection possible? In my opinion, there should be a constant study on ways to improve protection gear especially for a sport that revolves around frequent contact. Scientists could decrease the amount of long-term brain damage, short term head trauma, and overall, make football a much safer and more enjoyable (for parents) sport by executing tests to increase the safety of football helmets. The helmet is arguably the most iconic object in football (MacCormick). To most, it represents the piece of safety equipment that is used to protect the head. But, researchers today are questioning its ability to do just that. Recent studies by FRONTLINE indicated that the long term effects of brain injury during football are very real. Ninety-one former

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