How Can We Measure Poverty Rates?

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Poverty has been a huge and serious problem for the entire whole world to deal with, especially in America, where many people think as a place of dream. Although the U.S economy are getting better after the 2008 crisis, many millions of American are living in extremely poor conditions , their daily life are lack of food, houses, education, and health care services . Most of us don’t recognize how terrible of the country’s social issue that causes more children and families go to their deep hole with no way out is. More than that, it is getting worse each year and continuing to spread it’s cause for more families. Is it possible for the government and million Americans to deal and fix this disease?
How can we measure poverty rate in the entire country with more than three hundred million Americans to know who are considered as low life condition and who are not ? According to U.S.Census Bureau ,in 2012 , a single person who earn less than 11,945 dollar , and family of four people whose income are no higher than 23,283 dollar can be seen as poor citizens and families, and this is also a standard for rating poor family in the entire country. Based on this information, our country has more than fifteen percent of the total population who are considered as poor . “The US Census released the latest official poverty figures , putting the number of poor people at 46.2 million, or 15 percent the population , and the biggest increase in poverty since the government started…
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