How Can We Measure The Person Is Intelligent Or Talent?

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People have many different kind of intelligences when we are growing. How can we measure the person is intelligent or talent? Most people will use standardized test to measure the person is smart or not. Maybe some international students face the culture bias because their countries or teachers’ thoughts. I think if people just only put intelligent on the test it won’t be comprehensive. Intelligence can show in many different kinds of area and people won’t have one intelligent, maybe one person can own several intelligences in the life. Charles Spearman first described the existence of general intelligence in 1904. General intelligence, also known as g factor, refers to the existence of a broad mental capacity that influences performance on cognitive ability measures. The people who hold this view believe that intelligence can be measured and expressed by a single number, such as an IQ score.Spearman believed that general intelligence represented an intelligence factor underlying specific mental abilities.All tasks on intelligence tests, whether they related to verbal or mathematical abilities, were influenced by this underlying g-factor. Theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner in Harvard University sociologist Psychological Development Institute of Education in 1983. Theory of Multiple Intelligences to human cognition is a rich descriptions, everyone has eight different potential, but this potential has already decided when people born .But potential…

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