How Can We Overcome Stress And Live A Life Full Of Happiness

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How to Overcome Stress and Live a Life Full of Happiness
By Anoop K Gupta | Submitted On March 26, 2015

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Expert Author Anoop K Gupta
Stress has become an integral part of our day to day life. And the worst thing is that if we don 't take corrective measures, we start remaining under stress for longer durations which causes lot of health issues later on in life. So let 's try and understand what stress is and how
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What causes Stress

Let 's try to find out causes of stress in our lives. The biggest problem with us is that we are out on a mission to change others. We are busy criticizing others, pinpointing faults in others unnecessarily without focussing on ourselves. We want others to become the way we want them to be. We believe this will give us happiness. But actually this process gives us stress because we are unable to change others. Our actions are guided by our expectations in return. And non fulfilment of expectations from relationships is biggest cause of stress and disappointment these days.

As parents, we want to control our children. We want our children to pursue a career of our choice. When our teen aged child wants to go out for party or movies, we are the first one to lecture him. We want to influence him. And when our Children refuse to mend their ways, we feel stressed.

We feel stressed in relationships because as a lover, either we want to influence our partner or we want to please our partner. And either ways in all situations, whenever we fail to achieve success, it causes immense stress.

After son 's marriage, mother feels stressed. The reason is she fears she will lose control over his son who had loved and followed her mother unconditionally for nearly twenty five years.

The wife feels stressed because she feels that unless her mother-in-law stops controlling her son, how she will influence her husband.

The son feels stressed because he is trying to
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