How Can We Pay Off National Debt?

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As an American citizen, we face economic challenges within our country. How can we pay off national debt? The fight against poverty, are we winning or losing as a country that has the most billionaires. The fastest growing economy in the world is China. America’s goal to reform immigration can have an effect on unemployment. Does the president’s new immigration reform reduce American’s wages? The H1-B visa program will bring in skilled workers from around the world to U.S. businesses that can’t find skilled employees in America. Do we improve on the immigration relationship and border control by enforcing stricter regulations? Just as fast as our illegals cross the border corporations are doing the same by outsourcing jobs overseas. American history is built on dreams, since day one of our existence people come to America looking for a better way of life. America is one of the only countries in the world where it is possible for poor immigrants to become millionaires. Whether that philosophy is good or bad it has been one of the main identifiers that continue to draw people from all over the globe to this glorious country. The immigration reform by our president will turn undocumented workers into American tax paying citizens. Another aspect of the economic immigration challenge is that Congress has been unable to balance a budget and continues to raise the debt ceiling. The national debt is a huge setback for congressional budgeting. The hottest topic among the
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