How Can We Push Equality For The Level That It Should Be?

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How can we push equality to the level that it should be? Not just in the United States, but in the entire world, a human being is a human being, whether in one country or another. The first step might be the percentage of women making important decisions alongside men, as equals in politicians and in office power, all across the world. The vision people have for those who are in politics is almost always the same. A middle-aged white man, never a person of color, even less a woman. To be a woman in politics, beautiful, white, well-spoken and certainly it couldn 't be someone with an opinion which isn 't too popular within that crowd. “Don’t be aggressive”, they’ll advise her, “the public won’t listen to a bitch who is too forward.” “Be more aggressive”, they’ll scold her, “who is going to listen to a woman who won 't speaks her mind.” People expect women to step up to the plate, bat for their cause, yet when women get up there, they are put down, degraded, dismissed as if that woman does not matter. If she does not conform to the public’s view then she should stand down and let someone else, some man, take her place to please that fickle crowd.
Some will ponder—why is she wanting to be in office? What can she do? What can she think to accomplish? If she wanted it so badly why hasn’t she running for office yet? What does she need for these changes?
What does she need? She needs attitude, coverage, respect, and representation.
Attitude. When running, what attitude with the

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