How Can We Use The Ipod Essay

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How can we use the iPod as a hard disk.

We often find ourselves in the need of more storage space on or iPods. We dearly need to add more onto it though the storage capacity is almost done. Now and then we delete stuff to recover space, worry not as there are ingenious and straight forward ways on how to absolutely recover and gain more of the storage space to continue having fun with your iPod. This may be done through configuring your iPod’s setting as a hard disk, what is also commonly known as iPod disk.
How to set the iPod as a hard disk manually.
To manually set an iPod as an iPod disk, you ought to change the IPods factory setting in few simple ways as outlined below according to the model and generation of the iPod in steps. The mode with which we use the iPod to store is to contain our music playlist, podcasts and certain videos. You can also use your iPod as a hard disk to store files, back up your important data or transfer files from one computer to another.
Note that it is more effective to manually put an iPod in Disk Mode when trouble-shooting an issues with your iPod. There are various ways of doing this, depending on the model and generation of the iPod.

iPod Touch.
With the iPod touch, simple, clear and precise steps are outlined below so as to guide you into placing your iPod into a functioning Disk Mode. Step 1.
Using a USB cable, connect your iPod to your iMac or PC, then open iTunes if it doesn’t do so automatically.

Step 2.
Locate your iPod
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