How Can Women Expect And Dream Be Successful With Only Half Work? Essay

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“We can not succeed if half of us are held back.” The world is populated with slightly the same amount of women as there is men–fifty percent women, fifty percent men. How can women expect and dream to be successful with only half work ethic? Many people think that it is very possible to succeed by only using half to get things done. But in reality, things would go much smoother if the whole population of men and women were working together to get the job done better. Since before the eighteenth century and still to this day men were and still are seen as dominant, superior, strong, and in charge. They are always thought of when it comes to “getting a job done”. However, women were always seen as weak, disciplined, and small-minded. It 's not so much now as back then, but the stereotype still holds. It’s proven time and time again that women can do as many things men can; but still the stereotype holds. It 's a law that all women should be treated equal because indeed we are equal; but still the stereotype holds. Women all over the world can not even seem to get jobs that are male dominant like oilfield, welding, and other hands on jobs because they are being belittled as to thinking they’re not simply “strong” enough to qualify for the job. If women would so happen to get a job, they get underpaid less than men that complete the same tasks as them, just because they are women. There is nothing women can not do that men can. As sad as it is, women are even more

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