How Can You Effectively Work in a Team?

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HOW CAN YOU EFFECTIVELY WORK IN A TEAM? What is a team? As noted by Dwyer (2006) “The terms ‘team’ and ‘group’ are frequently used interchangeably, since on many occasions that they share almost identical characteristics”. Or in other words, a team is composed of two or more individuals who are working together interdependently and cooperatively towards a common purpose or goal. The team is the most important asset of any project; an effective team has a common objective, complementary skills and mutual accountability. The four stages of effectual teams and their growth was first developed and published by Bruce Wayne Tuckman (1965). His theory, “Tuckman’s Team Development Stages” (Forming,…show more content…
Teams have to devote energy to maintain and build team spirit. The team has to be efficient in all operations and accomplish all goals and objectives as one! The last stage introduced by Tuckman, adjourning, is where the team dissolves itself and restructures after a mission. Disappointments about unattained goals and senses of loss as the group disbands are common, but this should be overcome by concentrating on the positives. Members should congratulate each other and celebrate together as a team. All the stages discussed are approaches towards the success of teams. Teamwork is an influential thing. People who are able to function and work alongside with other members can attain high standards in communities. All these stages build effective teams, mould members, achieve goals and most importantly, escort teams to success! REFERENCES Baz Khindi (n.d). Project failure - what are the reasons for and statistics on it? Retrieved July 24,2012,from Gina Abudi (n.d). The Five Stages of Team Development – Every Team Goes Through Them! (Part I). Retrieved July 24, 2012 from James C. & Graham A. adapted from the

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