How Can You Establish A Classroom Climate That Promotes Appropriatebehaviors And Acceptance Of All Students?

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How can you establish a classroom climate that promotes appropriatebehaviors and acceptance of all students?
Before learning can occur in our classroom, we must establish and providestudents with a positive classroom climate. This means that teachers considereach student’s physical and emotional safety needs, while also setting up thephysical environment for organization and accessibility. Creating a communitywithin the learning environment allows children to feel safe and supported by thepeople around them, teaching them how to work as a team. We can create thiscommunity by teaching our students respect for diversity in our classroom,respect for their peers and their property, and respect for the classroom materialsprovided to them. The
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Timemanagement is another key to create a productive environment. When instruction

and activities are rushed, effective learning cannot occur. We need to take intoaccount instructional and non-instructional tasks when managing our time.Teacher’s enthusiasm about a subject also plays a part in the productiveenvironment. We must show our interest in the material, in turn, sparking ourstudents’ interest to learn and remain attentive.
You can give the students a chance to show they can be trust worthy by lettingthem sit where they like, but explain the consequences when a behavior problemarises. Let them you will make a change in the setting arrangement. Always makesure you have a clear view of the entire classroom and the area where the workstation are located. Your classroom management plan should be consistence withand include the service available in your school’s positive behavioral supportsystem (Leedy, Bates, and Safran, 2004; Stormont, Lewis, and Beckner, 2005;Strout, 2005). A school wide approach to supporting the learning and positivebehavior of all students involves the collaboration and commitment of educators,students, and family and community members to:
• Agree on unified expectations, rules, and procedures;• Use wrap around school and community based services and interventions;• Create a caring, warm, and safe learning environment and community ofsupport• Understand and address students diversity;• Offer a meaningful and
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