How Can You Establish A Classroom Climate That Promotes Appropriatebehaviors And Acceptance Of All Students?

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How can you establish a classroom climate that promotes appropriatebehaviors and acceptance of all students?
Before learning can occur in our classroom, we must establish and providestudents with a positive classroom climate. This means that teachers considereach student’s physical and emotional safety needs, while also setting up thephysical environment for organization and accessibility. Creating a communitywithin the learning environment allows children to feel safe and supported by thepeople around them, teaching them how to work as a team. We can create thiscommunity by teaching our students respect for diversity in our classroom,respect for their peers and their property, and respect for the classroom materialsprovided to them. The teacher plays many important roles in the classroom thatcontribute to a positive environment such as mentor, friend, listener, andmediator. How well we play these roles will directly affect the climate in ourclassroom. Overall we must give our students the safe, nurturing and warmenvironment they need in order to be successful.To create a productive environment we must develop a smooth routine thatstudents know and understand. This routine should be a balance of active andrestful activities, allowing children the time for play and learning centers. Weshould set realistic, developmentally appropriate goals and expectations,communicating these to our students clearly and simply. Instructional goals areessential, but we must also establish…
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