How Can You Keep Your Garden?

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Gardens are beautiful on their own, but some of us cannot avoid the inclination to accessorize. To bring your garden to its full potential, you must develop its full aesthetic value. There 's numerous little projects you can do by yourself or with the family, to add colorful and quirky visual interest throughout the garden. Mobiles can be made from an array of materials. Since it will be hanging it outside, make sure the material is waterproof. Foam is a smart choice because it is weather resistant, malleable, and kid friendly. Foam sheets are very inexpensive and come in most colors. Some foam comes in precut shapes. They even have foam letters. If the shape you want is available precut, it will be easier than cutting yourself. Foam is difficult to cut to a smooth edge. Foam sheets often come pre-glued. If your materials are not, you can use PVA glue or hot glue. You will need to glue your shapes or light weight trinkets on your string or thread. You may want to consider incorporating a picture. Foam picture frames are available in most art centers and you could laminate the picture. This project has an abundance of creative potential. This can create single strand color burst hanging around your garden. You can do themed pieces for different areas of the garden. For instance, use bright colors and butterfly shapes to hang in the butterfly garden. Hanging pieces are important because it keeps visual interest continuing from ground level to eye level. Keeping ground
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