How Can You Leverage User Behavior?

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Email marketing feels like one of those vestigial parts of the Internet that hasn’t changed much over the years. Think about it: even though the Web (and how we use it) evolves on a practically constant basis, all of us are intimately familiar with “email blasts”—those one-size-fits-all messages that don’t give us even the illusion of a personal touch. In answer to this trend, user behavior has become the catalyst behind a new kind of email marketing, which you may hear referred to as “automated” or “triggered.” You might think that automating your outreach might make you come across as cold or distant, but nothing could be further from the truth! By homing in on your customers’ individual behaviors and needs, you can actually make them feel much more valued and, therefore, more likely to convert. In fact, for every dollar spent on email campaigns, the average ROI is $44.25. So how exactly can you leverage user behavior in your email efforts? Let’s take a look! Automation = Personalization It’s true: data-driven automation can actually make for a considerably more personal experience for your customers. The key, of course, is that you’ll be better equipped to understand your customers’ needs, rather than sending catch-all emails that don’t take them into account. There are two approaches to this. The first is to simply ask your prospects for information. This starts with an email address, of course, but you might also consider (gently) requesting basic demographic
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