How Can You Make A Professional Cake And Failed?

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Cake has always been a large part in our society. Cakes are a great and sweet dessert that people like to eat. It’s not surprising that many people like to bake their own cakes. Pre-packaged cake mix like Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker make baking a cake a simple thing, people just need to follow the directions on the back of the box and they will have a delicious treat. Even though pre-packed cake boxes help people make their own cakes. Those cakes look simple. The cakes can be simple if they are going to be eaten at a friends or at our own house. But for people that have their own bakeries, they want to make that “wow” cake, the cake that everyone will be talking about at a graduation party or a wedding. People think that it’s easy to…show more content…
The cake is one of the things they are going to remember and bakers want them to have a great memory of how great the cake looked. When making a professional cake, people will get very frustrated, so it is extremely important to have patience. If people don’t have patience, they have better find someone else to make it or their cake will suffer in appearance. Patience is not a strong suit for many people, I was one of those people. The first time I tried making a professional cake I wasn’t very patient, I tried to make the cake as fast as I could and my cake ended up suffering. The cake didn’t taste as good as it could have tasted. The buttercream frosting wasn’t even all around the cake. The decorations weren’t perfect, some of them were bigger than others. I wasn’t pleased by how it looked, if I didn’t like how it looked I doubted that anyone else would like it. Skills are another thing that are required to make a professional looking cake. If beginner bakers have no experience and they think to themselves, oh I’m going to make a 3 tiered fondant cake (fondant is a sugar syrup that crystallized to a smooth, creamy white mass), even though this will be my first time and it will look good, then they will be sadly mistaken. The reason why professional cakes look good and cost so much is because professional bakers have had years of experience. Sometimes if a professional cake is needed, it’s best to just leave it to the professionals. Although beginner
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