How Can You Make Your Mom Friendly Gadgets?

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There are some kitchen gadgets that are just plain fun to have. If you are a mom, there are some gadgets that are a must have. These mom friendly gadgets, as I like to call them, are perfect for getting what your kids need in a hurry, and makes cooking more fun. I have especially found these gadgets to be a must have for moms who don 't like to cook. It makes it a lot more interesting and entertaining for the kids. These items are great as gifts, or just to treat yourself to something fun. The first item on the list is the Rotato Express . This is an automatic peeler that does everything for you. Kids really get a kick out of watching the potatoes get peeled. The cost of this item is just $17 at The Dough-Nu-Matic rolls make the cutest little donuts possible. Kids just love this machine and you can have them put in all the necessary ingredients. I have also found this device to come in handy when you are having a kids party. The cost of this item is a little on the pricey side. You can expect to pay about $119 for this item on Next on the list is one of my favorite gadgets for the kitchen. It is the digital recipe reader . This device is great for those who are learning to cook and need to have a recipe handy. I have found that printing the recipes and trying to keep the paper handy without getting messed up is a difficult task. I have found the digital recipe reader at Neiman Marcus for about $299. This is definitely one of the most expensive
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