How Can You Use Your Talents/Strengths To Enhance Your

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How can you use your talents/strengths to enhance your relationships with others? Chapter four begins by mentioning the “strengths-colored glasses” and the way our perception of reality is formed since we are born. All of that has helped shape us into who we are right now. I say right now because I am a strong believer that you begin to shape your own opinions and points of views at a young age. Your parents and surroundings influence, or force, you to a certain point but from there, it is up to you to decide what you truly believe is right or wrong. I am also aware that this is not always easy. Starting with yourself and moving towards things bigger than you define Restorative for me. I see that as a way of solving a problem.…show more content…
I cannot help but be thrown off when a person thinks differently on a topic such as our president, for example. I need to remind myself that we are not all raised the same and that we are not all capable of voicing our honest opinions in certain settings. Being a Relator makes it difficult to start new relationships. Instead of viewing this in a negative way, I could accept the fact that not everyone is quick to share things and just listen to what they do feel comfortable telling me. Understanding the reasons why people act or think the way that they do makes it easier for me to understand their intentions and what they are capable of. Finally, Responsibility works in my favor because I will always keep my word. If I say that I will do something, I will.
How can you use your talents/strengths in your career? Chapter ten also mentions that it starts with “you” and your “deep gladness”. I can’t be the only one that’s blocked by the thought of this. This is difficult to think about because of what I previously stated. As of now, I’m pursing a career in Business. I would like to take over our family business, a used car dealership, eventually. I’ll answer this question assuming that that’s what my career will be. Discipline and Responsibility will work in my favor. I will use the Discipline I grew up learning and the Disciple
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